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      They were both awake by this time, and looked around in amazement.

      "Well then?""Not always in the same way."

      Shorty, who was whittling up a piece of Kentucky twist to recharge his pipe, laughed till he rolled off the stump all in a heap. A few of the other boys had stayed out to see the fun, and were lounging around the outskirts of the corral. "Go for 'em, Si!" they shouted.355

      "Oh, if she wants to mix it up I'll oblige her," said Blanche in her flip way. "Though she is bigger than me.""How long ago was that?"

      A shell came screaming and swishing through the air. The young Hoosiers curled around the roots of that stump and flattened themselves out like a pair of griddle-cakes. If it was Si that the rebel gunners were after, they timed the shell to a second, for it burst with a loud bang just over them. The fragments flew all around, one striking the stump and others tearing up the dirt on every side.


      CHAPTER XXXI."Books!" he exclaimed scornfully.


      She did ask him one question. "How on earth did you come to stray down here?""You mustn't!" whispered Pen sharply. "We're surrounded by danger. We must plan. This place is no longer safe. You must listen to me. Listen carefully."