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      I have had time, he said, bitterly, and I can come to no other conclusion. And you have not heard all. I charged her withher treachery; I had seen them together in the conservatory at Belfayre, hadhis voice grew hoarseseen him kiss her. I charged her with it, andoh, my God! she confessed it, defied me! The next morning she was gone! They were gone! He went without a word!

      Tedious was the month of March. Mandeville devise' himself a splandid joke on that, to the effect that soon enough there would be months of tedieuse marches--ha, ha, ha!--and contribute' it to the news-pape'. Yet the tedium persisted. Always something about to occur, nothing ever occurring. Another vast parade, it is true, some two days after the marriage, to welcome from Texas that aged general (friend of the Callenders) who after long suspense to both sides had at last joined the South, and was to take command at New Orleans. Also, consequent upon the bursting of a gun that day in Kincaid's Battery, the funeral procession of poor, handsome, devil-may-care Felix de Gruy; saxhorns moaning and wailing, drums muttering from their muffled heads, Anna's ensign furled in black, captain and lieutenants on foot, brows inclined, sabres reversed, and the "Stars and Bars," new flag of the Confederacy, draping the slow caisson that bore him past the Callenders' gates in majesty so strange for the gay boy.

      Yes, I kissed her; all the world may know it, for there is no shame in it for her or me. The kiss was meant forfor some one else. He faltered. Lady Wyndover, I want Lilias to be my wife. Esmeralda knows it, and promised to help me; and in my gratitude, yes, and my love for herfor I still love her, though not as I love LiliasTime passed unnoticed by him; he was in a kind of trance, and he started when the doctor touched him upon the shoulder and beckoned him from the bedside.

      Not always. Sometimes a girl has to marry forwell, for all sorts of reasons other than love for her future husband; and then She paused, stopped by Esmeraldas direct and questioning glance.But they cant all be in love with him! said Esmeralda, after a moments consideration of this startling assertion.

      A cry, a sob, went up to Heaven, and Trafford, who had not fired at all, was in time to catch Esmeraldas sinking form to his heart.

      CHAPTER XV.Lady Wyndover watched him in something like awed silence; the careless, light-hearted boy suddenly loomed before hera man; and a man of resources, a man to be relied upon.


      Ada Lancing had been watching with sharp curiosity and suspicion. She broke in now with:


      How proud and happy you must be to-night, dear, she said, lovingly. You have covered us all with glory; there has not been such a party at Belfayre since I can remember. But what made you wear that muslin frock to-night?


      I dont care anything about the breakfast, he said. I must catch that train; and, look here, he added, dont say anything about the telegram. Just say that Ive gone up to town, and that Ill write.