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      Building of the Fort.Loss of the "Griffin."A Bold Resolution.Another Vessel.Hennepin sent to the Mississippi.Departure of La Salle.The summer of 1661 was marked by a series of calamities scarcely paralleled even in the annals of this disastrous epoch. Early in February, thirteen colonists were surprised and captured; next came a fight between a large band of laborers and two hundred and sixty Iroquois; in the following month, ten more Frenchmen were killed or taken; and thenceforth, till winter closed, the settlement had scarcely a breathing space. These hobgoblins, writes the author of the Relation of this year, sometimes appeared at the edge of the woods, assailing us with abuse; sometimes they glided stealthily into the midst of the fields, to surprise the men at work; sometimes they approached the houses, harassing us without ceasing, and, like importunate harpies or birds of prey, swooping down on us whenever they could take us unawares.

      There are various forms of this tradition, in some of which Manabozho appears, not as the restorer, but as the creator of the world, forming mankind from the carcasses of beasts, birds, and fishes. [70] Other stories represent lxxiv him as marrying a female musk-rat, by whom he became the progenitor of the human race. [71]THE ILLINOIS TOWN.

      [7] Dollier de Casson, Histoire de Montreal, MS.; also Belmont, Histoire du Canada, 2. Juchereau doubles the sum. Faillon agrees with Dollier.

      During the speeches on either side, food was brought in without ceasing,sometimes a platter of sagamite or mush; sometimes of corn boiled whole; sometimes a roasted dog. The villagers had large earthen pots and platters, made by themselves with tolerable skill, as well as hatchets, knives, and beads, gained by traffic with the Illinois and other tribes in contact with the French or Spaniards. All day there was feasting without respite, after the merciless practice of Indian hospitality; but at night some of their entertainers proposed to kill and plunder them,a scheme which was defeated by the vigilance of the chief, who visited their quarters, and danced the calumet dance to reassure his guests.On the way to the place of assembly, Polycles followed the least frequented streets. Suddenly he signed to the slaves who accompanied him to keep back and, throwing his arm over Lycons shoulder, he said to him:

      Yes, I know.


      traded with Indians at his own house. He confessed the fact,


      INTRODUCTIONOne of the most remarkable of Indian sacrifices was that practised by the Hurons in the case of a person drowned or frozen to death. The flesh of the deceased was cut off, and thrown into a fire made for the purpose, as an offering of propitiation to the spirits of the air or water. What remained of the body was then buried near the fire.Brbeuf, Relation des Hurons, 1636, 108.


      [1] "Nos plats, quoyque de bois, nous co?tent plus cher que les v?tres; ils sont de la valeur d'une robe de castor, c'est dire cent francs."Lettre du P. Du Peron son Frre, 27 Avril, 1639.The Father's appraisement seems a little questionable. (Rel., 1657).