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      Why shes come back is no business of ours. Were too glad to get her backeh, boys?to ask questions. If shed been happy where she was, shed have stayed there. But she wasnt; and so shes come back, and theres an end of it, now and for the future.The hours passed by, hours fraught with such anguish as few men have suffered. As he knelt there beside the girl who was his wife only in name, Trafford had no thought for anything but his love for her. He did not ask himself if she were guilty; at that moment he did not care. If she had opened her lips and confessed her guilt, he would not have cared. He loved her; and she had offered her life for him. Yes. Whether she had ever loved him or not she had been willing to die for him. There was no woman in the world like her, guilty or not; and he loved herloved her! It was all summed up in that word. Honor, the desire for vengeance,[329] were as nothing to him now. If she should recoverif God should give her back to him, he would hold her against Norman, against the whole world, no matter what she had done, how deeply she had sinned.

      He is in England, she said, almost inaudibly.

      Yes, yes! cried Esmeralda, stretching out her hand to them, half laughing, half crying.Shiloh it was. At a table lamp indoors the Doctor bent over the fresh print. "It's true," he affirmed. "It's Beauregard's own despatch. 'A complete victory,' he says. 'Driving the enemy'--" The reader ceased and stared at the page. "Why, good God!" Slowly he lifted his eyes upon those three sweet women until theirs ran full. And then he stared once more into the page: "Oh, good God! Albert Sidney Johnston is dead."

      His arm stiffly held her off. With failing eyes bent on the whimpering grandmother he sighed a disheartened oath and threshed into a chair gasping--

      Messrs. Sam Gibbs and Maxime Lafontaine were president and vice-president of that Patriots' League against whose machinations our two young men had been warned by the detectives in St. Charles Street. They had just now arrived at the Stock-Landing. Naturally, on so important an occasion they were far from sober; yet on reaching the spot they had lost no time in levying on a Gascon butcher for a bucket of tar and a pillow of feathers, on an Italian luggerman for a hurried supper of raw oysters, and on the keeper of one of the "coffee-houses" for drinks for the four.


      "Why, then," laughed Hilary, "I may as well knock off, too," and began to wash his hands.


      Right away, capn, responded Bill. He turned up his eyes at the bandage apologetically. Any one ud think, by the appearance of me, that Id lost the whole uv my scalp, instead o only havin one side o my hair cut; but dont let on about it now. He jerked his head toward Mother Melinda, who, with her arms akimbo, was watching him with a surgeons pride. Ill wait till I get outside fore I takes the blamed thing off. It wouldnt do to hurt her feelins, Varley; shes as proud of it as if shed took a leg off me.


      "Well?--Well?" insisted the old lady amid the rising din. "And so you--you?"