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      "But f?ather's a clever manAlbert always used to say so.""Who's Rose?"

      "It is impossible, my lordthe woman is dying!"She never asked Dansay to marry her. He had given her pretty clearly to understand that he was not a marrying man, and she was terrified of doing or saying anything that might turn him against her. One of the things about her that charmed him most was the absence of all demand upon him. She never asked for presents, and the few things he bought her stimulated both her humble gratitude and her alarm lest he should have spent too much money. One day he suggested that he should take her to Boarzell Fair.

      Sobs were still thick in Rose's throat, when they came to Handshut's cottage, a little tumble-down place, shaped like a rabbit's head. She stopped.

      "My lord, she may not survive the imprisonment."

      The steward, after thus relieving his mind from all anxiety respecting the dress, proceeded to the sign of the Mitre in Silver Girdle-street, a well known resort for certain useful adjuncts to the courts of law.He walked home over Boarzell, scarcely conscious of the ground he trod. He felt like a new-crowned king. As he looked round on the swart hummocks of the Moor, and its crest of firs, dim and bistred against the grey afternoon clouds, he found it hard to realise that it was not all his, that he still had almost the whole of it to fight for, acre by acre. He hurried towards his own little plot, bought, but as yet unconquered, still shagged with gorse and brittle with shards.


      Dodd sighed heavily, his eyes still closed. "I'msorry," he said slowly. "It's a silly thing to say: I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could do." He paused. "But there isn't. I wishnever mind. It doesn't matter. But you understand, don't you? You understand?"He came back to her. "Ithe alarm tripped off. This time they must have tried it through the front door, or a window. The last one must have tunnelled through"


      "It's no use," said Reuben. He knew the child was dead.


      "You'd better go," the calm voice said. "There will be others needing helpand you will be safer underground, in any case."