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      "I was going on to tell you," continued the Captain, "that there are several kinds of Pediculiwe don't say Pediculuses. There is the Pediculus CapitisLatin againbut it means the kind that lives on the head. I presume when you were a little shaver your mother now and then harrowed your head with a fine-tooth comb?"

      "Fall in, Co. Q," shouted the Orderly-Sergeant. "Fall in promptly.""Glad?"

      "Throw him in the river! Duck him! Baptize him! Drown him!"

      Pendleton was a little astonished by his victory, for his case was bad. "Well, that's my own girl!" he said, approaching her full of fine, fatherly approval.

      The guerrillas finally decided to give the job up, and rode away, after yelling some 'very uncomplimentary things about Yankee soldiers generally. "He be glad to heer that you have received these things all


      "I believe I'm gittin' real homesick to see Mariar," he said with a sigh. "I'd give a good deal for a letter from her. I do hope everything on the farm's all right. I think it is. I'm a little worried about Brown Susy, the mare, but I think she'll pick up as the weather settles. I hope her fool colt, that I've give Si, won't break his leg nor nothin' while I'm away."