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      Norman almost forced him to eat and drink.

      Before he could speak, a torrent of suggestions was showered upon him.

      The startled man swore and tried to swing his horse aside, but Varley was on him with an impetus too swift and irresistible, and coolly knocked him out of his saddle as the man fired.Is the door closed, Norman? Do you think they can hear us in the drawing-room? You really should be careful, sir.

      Esmeralda! he called to heras we all do under similar circumstancesand presently she opened her eyes. They were vacant, and her face was as white as death.

      Here is a telegram from Trafford, said Lilias in the hushed voice in which they all spoke now. He lost the train last night, but will come by this mornings. EsmeraldaLady Ada started and turned her pale faceEsmeralda is ill. She is at Deepdale with Lady Wyndover. Trafford says it is the shock, and that she will not be able to come down for some daysperhaps a week. II am almost glad that she is not here. I will write to her to-day. Poor Esmeralda! I know exactly how she feels. She sighed. Are there many letters? Any that must be answered?


      "Surely it was a grey horse that brought me!" she[Pg 305] exclaimed, and in the next minute she recognized Lostwithiel's brougham, the same carriage in which she had been driven home through the rain upon that unforgotten night when his house sheltered her, when she saw his face for the first time.


      A few days ago she would have told Esmeralda that ladies do not remove their hats in the train, but she felt that the future Duchess of Belfayre could commit any solecism with impunity. Trafford took up a book and tried to read, but his eyes were drawn from a rather dull page to the lovely face in front of him, and he caught himself asking, of course, inaudibly, whether she would come to care for him.


      The doctor seemed to be inside a long while; but presently[28] he came out, and, in answer to Esmeraldas questioning eyes, said, with a nod: