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      Oh, its nothing! he said; and Im all right nowor should be, if I could get my horse and mount it.

      He held out the letter. She recognized it in a moment. The blood surged to her face, her lips moved, she was on the point of crying out: It is true he loves me, but I never loved him; I have never spoken a word of love to him in all my life. It was of Lilias we were talking; it was for Liliasthe kiss. Then the recollection of Lady Ada flashed upon her; he had confessed that he loved her. Her pride rose like a tide and swept away all softer emotions.

      Adas keen eyes watched the two figures, their faces turned to each other as if the owners were deeply engrossed in conversation.

      From that moment, from the moment she had taken the wedding-ring from her finger, she had, in her mind, ceased to be Traffords wife; she was no longer the Marchioness of Trafford, but Esmeralda Howard.All women are, my dear Selvaine, said the duke, with delicious courtliness. But few are as beautiful as Miss Chetwynde.[134] My dear Trafford, I congratulate you with all my heart. You have shown excellent tasteas you always do. My dear boy, you have made me very happy. I could almost say that I am as happy as you must bethough that is impossible.

      You are not likely to meet her, he said, gravely. Lady Ada left England before we returned. She is living on the Continent.

      The woman stood stolidly silent for a moment, and Esmeralda watched her with a fast-beating heart. Was she going to refuse, or going to give the alarm? It was a moment of suspense which seemed to spin into years, for she knew that if her attempt failed her life would pay the forfeit. Her eyes were fixed upon the womans face with an imploration in them more eloquent than any spoken prayer could have been; it was woman pleading to woman for help against their natural foeman.



      Is he one of the Howards of Suffolk? asked Norman, with interest.


      He started slightly.Esmeralda made no response, but left the hut.