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      Do you mean to say that she is not charming? She looks delightful. Think of that face and two millions of money! What a prize she will be! I wonder who the lucky man will be?

      Colonel Disney's countenance as he stood in the lamplight was not so reassuring as the substantial fact of his return. It was something to know that he was not dead, or hurt in any desperate wayvictim of any of those various accidents which the morbid mind of woman can imagine if husband or kinsman be unusually late for dinner; but that things were all right with him was open to question. He was ghastly pale, and had a troubled, half-distracted expression which seared Allegra almost as much as his prolonged absence had done.

      But what can you do? she asked. I thought lords never did anything but order other people about and lead armies into battle.

      "I thought he died very sudden like," answered Rue; "and so I think did Mr. Arling, for he immediately said that Doctor Remy, or some one else, must be sent for, and gave very particular directions that the body should not be disturbed before he arrived."



      Well, I have seen the marquiss lawyer, continued Mr. Pinchook, and I learn from him that it is proposed that one half of your fortune should be settled on you for your own[149] use, and that the remainder should pass to the Belfayre estates, to become, in short, the property of the marquis.


      No, a woman, said his grace. It is a very sad story. She was the wife of a Marquis of Traffordmy great-great-uncle. It was a very unhappy marriage. The marquis was poor, and married her for her money; it was what is called a a marriage of convenience. They are seldom anything but unhappy arrangements, and generally prove terribly inconvenient. She was in love with her husband, but he detested her. But though he, no doubt, treated her with coldness, I am quite sure he was not guilty of actual cruelty; no Trafford has had that crime laid to his charge.