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      But Charlie stared at his sister. It could not enter his mind that her desires were with the foe, yet his voice went deep in scorn: "And have you too turned coward?"

      Greenleaf and the firm expressed their pleasure. "We hang out at the corner of Poet and Good-Children Streets," said the black-haired man, but made his eyes big to imply that this was romance.

      Varley nodded; it confirmed his own estimate. Then both men sat motionless, straining their ears for the sound of the[276] coming coach. Presently Varley moved slightly, and stretching out his hand in the darkness, touched Bills arm, and a moment or two afterward the latter heard the rhythmical beat of the horses feet, and yet a little later the dull roll of the wheels.

      He himself went back by the next train, and sauntering into his club, remarked casually to the greatest gossip he could find:

      "Blown up! Blown up with that poor old man in the powder-mill! Ah, what do we know about money, Captain Kincaid, we silly women? That poor, innocent child, she lent it to the old gentleman. His theories, they were so convincing, and she, she was so ambitious to do a great patriotic service. 'Twas to make wonders for the powder and gun, and to be return' in three days. But that next day 'twas Sunday, and whiles I was kneeling in the church the powder, the gun, the old man and the money--"



      Its the steak! she said.I have killed him.


      "Oh, how true! and ah, dearie!"--she pressed her sister's hand amid the silver and porcelain on the old mahogany--"that news (some item read earlier, about the battery), why, Miranda, just that is a sign of impending victory! Straws tell! and Kincaid's Battery is the--"